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Organic Cotton Bathrobe Towel Set for Dogs & Humans


Take a splash at the beach! Take a dip in the pool! Take a nice, long shower at home and throw on your colorful bathrobe that is made of high-quality organic cotton. Find a matching bathrobe for your dog. This yellow multicolor bathrobe is inspired by Peggy Guggenheim’s paintings.

Our towel wear is made of organic cotton with snag resistant terry toweling, a soft but tough high-quality fabric that keeps intact up to three times longer than conventional fabrics. This technique is eco-friendly as it reduces the consumption of cotton during the production process, and saves water and energy by drying quicker. 

90% Organic Cotton, 10% Recycled Polyester Machine wash warm water. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry.  Made in Portugal

Size Guide Back Length  
XS 20cm – 30cm (7"-11") Little Yorkshire, Chihuahua, and Pomerania
S 30cm – 40cm (11"-15") Poodle, Yorkshire, Maltese, Jack Russel
M 40cm – 53cm (15"- 20") King Charles, Border Collie, Westie
L 50cm – 65cm (20"-25") Spaniel, Boxer, Dalmatian
XL 60cm – 75cm (23"-30") German Shepherd, Golden R., Labrador, Weimaraner


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