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Ferdinando Microfiber Dog Leash - Faux Leather


Ferdinando collection of collars and leashes originates in the heart of Tuscany, the cradle of handcrafted manufacture.

Available in 4 colors (beige, blue, pale pink and green) and two thickness options, the leashes feature silver metal hardware and are made of braided microfiber: this animal-free textile presents a velvety touch that doesn’t preclude a very easy maintenance: water-repellent, stain removable and machine washable, the bonus feature of the textile it to be fully recyclable.

Its animal-free composition, as well as its soft texture, is a plus for prestigious care-free products.

The length of the leash is 120 cm/ 47" in both thickness

For bigger dogs we recommend the thicker diameter (13 mm/ Half an Inch), while the thinner version is suitable for smaller sizes.

More info

  • For daily maintenance, clean with a damp wipe and neutral detergent.
  • For deeper cleaning, we recommend bringing this material to laundry services specialized in leather and fur.
  • Details in faux leather
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Due Punto Otto For Dogs was founded in 2016 by portrait photographer Anna Bussolotto, who was looking for beautiful, high quality and functional objects she could dedicate to her beloved dogs. 

Due Punto Otto is proud to produce entirely in Italy, with a team of craftsmen and women that only employ local fabrics and materials. The tailored manufacture of each article represents the very best of Made in Italy, an idea they identify with beauty, elegance and high quality.

Each product of Due Punto Otto for dogs is the result of hours of research and artisanal handmade work. This ensures the highest quality and the best performing textiles: all items are washable, removable and fully guaranteed. Easy to clean and available with spare linings, they are made to be used and enjoyed over the course of time. The materials they use are unrefined and environmentally friendly: their own variations highlight the naturalness of the fabric, as well as the value of handmade manufacturing.

Due Punto Otto Design For Dogs believes in preserving the long-lasting traditions, as well as making their own contribution to a better and greener world for everyone.

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