Adored Beast

Easy peesy protocol


Helps to support the body in the dissolution of Urinary Crystals. This homoeopathic urinary supplement kit supports bladder health and the creation of an environment that will discourage crystal formation. Helps to support the body's defence against recurring bladder and urinary infections. Suitable for both cats and dogs.

2 product kit includes Easy Peesy I Homeopathic Combination 30ml Liquid, Easy Peesy II Nutraceutical Powder 50.4g Powder

The protocol contains detailed instructions following these simple steps:

1. Easy Peesy I - Administer orally (4 pumps) twice per day for 30 days
2. Easy Peesy II - Administer orally once per day (as per weight dosage chart)

For Maintenance and Support

Administer orally - 4 pumps once per day for 14 days. Repeat 3 times per year if your animal has a history of crystals.

What Makes Adored Beast Line Better?

There are ZERO fillers! Everything in every Adored Beast product is a pure, 100% active ingredient! We only use ingredients we’d happily use for ourselves (and do). 100% NATURAL & HUMAN GRADE.

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