Recovery Orthopedic Dog Bed


The Pet world's leading business trade magazine, Pet Business, awarded PAIKKA Recovery Orthopedic Bed as Editors' Choice of the Year 2020 in January.

The awarded bed has a special Far infrared (FIR) emitting fabric that boosts dog’s recovery from exercise, supports rest and ensures good quality sleep. The infrared fabric captures the dog's body heat and re-emits the energy back. This supports the recovery from day's activities and has many health benefits, such as improved blood circulation and reduced muscle pain.

Bed has orthopedic memory foam filling that molds to dog's body shape, relieves pressure points and accommodates any sleeping position allowing comfortable rest and enhanced wellbeing.

We absolutely recommend the bed to all dogs, but especially very active, cold sensitive or elderly dogs benefit from it.

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Why we recommend far-infrared PAIKKA textile


Infrared textile uses technology that increases blood flow and oxygen levels of tissues. The increased tissue perfusion of oxygen can help joints and muscles fight stiffness, soreness and swelling caused by aging, injury, or arthritis. It keeps the wearer's body warm and restores physical function by getting rid of fatigue, helping with faster recovery and better sleep. We highly recommend you browse through Paikka's full collection of dog apparel that uses FIR fabric so your active or senior animals can recover from a long day's of exercise with this innovative fabric.

The health benefits and comfort level is so high, a Paikka overall is a must-have for all our four-legged friends! 

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