A Modern Cat Scratcher Designed For Beautiful Homes

You brought home the cutest cat in the world and quickly realized, they love scratching your furniture. You had been warned about cats scratching sofas and rugs but didn't quite realize the urgency to buy a cat scratcher until it's a bit too late? Don't worry, we've all been there!

Everyone thinks the cat essentials are just a cat litter, a pet carrier and cat feeders but a sturdy cat scratching post is a major cat essential, too. As major as a cat litter box! As soon as your new cat arrives, they will want to use the potty, eat, drink and... scratch. You must cross a cat scratcher off your cat essentials checklist before you bring your new family member home. Cats have a need to scratch... and they won't wait for the scratcher to arrive. They will immediately scratch your rugs and sofa.


The Best Cat Scratching Post
Designed to blend in with your modern home decor

Miacara Torre Designer Cat Scratching Post
Meet Miacara Torre Cat Tower. A stylish, modern and contemporary cat scratching post you'll be delighted to have in your home. Designed by Dutch designer Regina Mol, the Torre Cat Scratching Post features a massive base plate made from real wood to ensure stability.  Not only does this scratching post satisfy your cat's need to scratch and climb but it allows for a full stretch. The tall Torre cat tower will never topple over. It's also perfect for tall cats who appreciate a full stretch. 
 Miacara Cat Tower with Scratching Post

With Miacara Torre designer scratching posts, your cat feels fulfilled in having a place to claw and climb while staying safe. The tall cat scratcher allows a full stretch for long cats!

Miacara Torre modern cat scratching tower provides a space for cats to play and exercise, which promotes strong mental and physical health! 


A Modern Cat Scratching Post

Cat towers take up so much space at home and they are hideous. However, truth be told, cats LOVE them and yes, they are an essential item for cats. A cat scratcher or a tall cat scratching post is a must-have furniture in your home because cats have a need to scratch to remove the dead part of their nails and, often, just to get a good stretch. Scratching is normal, instinctive cat behavior, and there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop cats from scratching. The best thing to do is to give your cats scratchers to stop them from scratching your sofa.

A furniture that's just for them! Invest in this beautiful solid wood cat scratching tower from Miacara.


How do I stop my cat from scratching my furniture?
We recommend getting multiple scratching posts and put the posts in areas where your cat loves to play or rest. If you fail to provide an acceptable area to scratch then your carpets, furniture, couch, sofa and even wallpaper may get damaged. Once a cat finds an attractive area to scratch they will always return to it! 
Can I train my cat to stop scratching my furniture?

Legend has it, some people have! You can try... but we highly recommend you pamper your cats instead. Try to find a scratching material your cat will love. Scratchers can be vertical or horizontal, and they come in several shapes, sizes, and materials. The most popular scratching materials for cats are felt, cardboard, carpet, sisal, and wood. Start with one of our favorite and affordable cardboard cat scratchers from Modkat - It's best to have a few options of scratchers for your cats to choose from. 

Best cat tower for large cats

As for investing in a high quality cat scratching post and tower, we highly recommend Miacara Torre Cat Tower that all cats love. This designer cat tower will not leave an eyesore in your living room. The tall tower allows big cats to have a full vertical stretch to scratch and plenty of room to sleep on top. 

A designer cat scratching post you can invest in

Miacara Torre cat scratching post is a wonderful cat furniture investment that you can enjoy for a life time. Torre is manufactured in Europe with great attention to detail and sustainability. The Torre cat scratching post and tower is an innovative design with exceptional quality and craftsmanship. With the stunning scratcher Miacara Torre, you are buying a beautiful piece of furniture that will complement your home decor and entertain your cat for a life time!

"Cats are curious and love little holes to hide in, but at the same time they want to keep a clear overview of their surroundings."

Regina Mol, Designer of Miacara Torre Cat Scratching Post