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Cat Essentials Wunderpets

Wunderpets &Co. is a carefully curated online store to help pet parents create a harmonious and happy home with beautiful designs and high-quality pet products. 

I began this journey when I realized that many pet parents struggle to find the right products to meet their needs or complement their home decor. The pet market is filled with millions of items from all over the world but no singular, trustworthy resource existed to guide pet parents to discover high quality products or manufacturers. Wunderpets & Co. is here to fill that void so you can shop with confidence and discover amazing authentic brands that you can invest in. Our brand is created out of a love of animals. Join us as we share our passion for quality craftsmanship and beautiful designs to pamper your furry family members.

From softest blankets to the most elegant pet furnishing, we have a growing assortment of everything you need to comfort your dogs & cats. We want to be there for you during every stage of your pet’s life—from the day you bring home a new puppy or a kitten, to the time when you make the sensitive transition to caring for a senior pet.

I want to share my expertise with you, from one pet parent to another so you can shop with confidence and discover great products. We’re looking forward to getting to know you and your little one(s)!

Asli Ayata

Founder, Wunderpets & Co.
Brooklyn, New York

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