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Everyone, including our cat, needs a relaxing and pleasant area to sleep and lounge. Our furry friends prefer a cat bed where they can feel secure, comfortable, receive a good night's sleep, and be alone whenever they choose. Cats sleep between fifteen and twenty hours a day, after all. But how do we know what cat bed they like the best?

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All cat owners want their kitties to be warm, safe, and comfortable. And OFF of sofas, furniture and human beds!

Cats are finicky creatures and paying attention to their needs is crucial when choosing a bed especially for them. For example, cat breeds with short fur, or no fur such as Sphynx prefer a warm faux-fur bed. But for large size cats such as Maine Coon, you should consider large size cat beds as they like to stretch. Also, senior cats that have stiff joints will benefit from warm cat beds for complete comfort. In this article, we will learn about the various types of cat beds so you can buy the right bed for your cat with confidence.


Observe their behavior:

Choosing the right cat bed involves considering your cat's preferences, size, age, and any special needs they may have. For example: Look for a round bed if your cat generally likes to curl into a ball. Try a cave bed if your cat loves burrowing beneath a basket of clothing. A cushion pet bed could be your best choice if your cat prefers to sprawl out on a windowsill or stretch on a sofa.

Miacara modern cat bed

Consider the size of the bed:

Your cat's bed should be spacious enough for it to spread out or small enough for it to snuggle up and feel safe, depending on its sleeping preferences. If your cat prefers to lounge in the open and on the floor and find a bed that is the same length as its body (excluding the tail) about 18 to 20 inches long. If your cat loves to cuddle up, a circular bolster or cave bed with a diameter of at least 15 inches is a smart bet—but don't rule out bigger enclosed beds, which provide the security some cats desire while still allowing them to stretch out when required. A larger bed is usually ideal if your cat is a large breed, such as a British shorthair or a Maine Coon.

Make sure it’s easy to clean:

To keep your sanity, choose a machine-washable cat bed and carefully follow the care directions since even little changes in the washer or dryer can cause a cat bed to bunch or rip.

Now, let us talk about the best cat beds to get for your kitty, including heated, rounded cat beds, washable cat beds, cat caves, cat towers, and more. 


Here are some top rated cat bed options from some of the best selling cat furniture brands:


It's not easy to find high-quality, visually attractive cat furniture. The majority of cat scratching posts, cat trees, and cat towers with beds sold at large box retailers are ugly and quickly fall apart. A cat tower is a work of art in and of itself! They usually include built-in features for cats to utilize and play in, such as ramps, tunnels, perches, and beds. If you have many cats, large cat towers are ideal since they provide varied areas for them to lie. Older cats don't play as much as younger cats; therefore, cat towers are excellent for them.

Take a look at WunderPets & Co pet boutique’s carefully selected cat furniture selection for the finest cat tower beds if you want to buy and invest in quality cat furniture that's elegant, modern and trendy.



On a low or warm setting, heating pads are generally safe for cats and kittens. If you're still concerned about the safety of your cat, we recommend Miacara's Capello, the warmest cat bed on the market. Cats, like humans, are cold-sensitive. They like fleece and wool materials, such as cat blankets and faux- fur cat beds, to remain warm. This adorable cute cat bed is composed of plush fake fur and will keep your furry companion warm and comfy on cold winter days. It's an ideal self-heating cat bed for kittens as well as older cats that may suffer from joint stiffness. A modern cat bed to fit your home decor.

Nandog shaggy pet bed


Is it common for your cat to stretch out on your bed, sofa or do nothing except lie down in the center of the floor? Have you got a big cat like a Main Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, or Rag Doll? Then a plush sleeping mat could be the best option for your cat.



Tavolino side table is a cat bed in disguise. The wooden tabletop is the perfect place for your coffee, books and magazines, while the cat bed at the bottom is crafted from soft formfleece to create a comfortable hideaway for your cat.

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Remember that cats can be particular about their sleeping spots, and what works for one cat may not work for another. It's a good idea to place the new bed near their favorite sleeping spot initially to encourage them to use it. Over time, they may come to love their new bed. 

To help you make an informed purchasing decision, WunderPets & Co. curated the best cat beds on the market, so you can easily pick the bed that's perfect for your cat!

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