Hiddin Acrylic Elevated Pet Feeder

$110 $149

This high-quality lucite pet feeder is pure style! Hiddin Clear Acrylic Double Bowl Feeder for cats & dogs is a modern acrylic lucite feeder with lead free, stainless steel metal bowls, coated in vibrant colors. Our exclusive color metal bowls are lead free and non toxic. The raised acrylic feeder provides an ergonomically correct eating position for pets.

With a gentle waterfall design, this clear lucite 2 bowl feeder is sturdy and modern. Handmade in the USA. 1.5 cup bowls. Handwash only.

Estimated Delivery: 1-2 weeks

Small: 1.5 cups
Medium: 3.5 cups  

Small Stand Dimension: 14.5”w x 6.5"d x 3.5"h 
Medium Stand Dimension: 16.75"w x 8"d x 3.5" h

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Acrylic Dog Gates, Playpens and Stylish Dog Crates

Looking for stylish dog gates and interior design friendly aesthetic dog crates? Then you will love Hiddin's acrylic dog gates, playpens and stylish dog crates. Hiddin designs dog furniture in clear acrylic so your modern home decor remains uninterrupted by the addition of an unattractive wood or metal dog gates and crates. Featuring acrylic dog gates and clear dog crates, Hiddin hopes to preserve the beauty of your space without sacrificing the functionality of your pet furniture and the happiness of your dogs and cats. Shop the full acrylic Hiddin Pet Furniture at Wunderpets and bring home the beauty of clear acrylic dog gates, stylish pet crates and clear acrylic playpens.

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