Whisker Relief & Slow Feeder Miacara Cat Bowls


When a cat has to constantly push their head into a bowl in order to get their food or water,  whisker fatigue occurs.  An uncomfortable cat will flip over the bowl or paw kibble out and onto the floor. They may search for water in the sink or bath tub. If your cat’s whiskers are bothering them because they’re rubbing against their food and water bowl, then this durable, high-quality Miacara porcelain cat bowl set is your solution.

Piatto slow feeder and Fresco cat water bowl set from Miacara add a sophisticated look to your kitchen. They avoid whisker fatigue and suitable for flat-faced cats, but also designed to slow rapid eating. Designed by Dutch designer Regina Mol, Piatto is a prime example of timeless design and ultimate comfort for your cat. 

  • The Piatto plate is perfect for both dry and wet food. 
  • Piatto slow feeder is 1.1" height x 6.2" in Diameter
  • Fresco water bowl is 2.3" height x 6" in Diameter with  8 oz / 250 ml capacity.
  • Set includes Piatto and Fresco
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