If you have multiple dogs at home, eating is a competition! If your dog does not live in an environment with other dogs, they may still act in a competitive manner, due to their breed or simply because they have a wolf-like tendency. This means that the faster they finish the food, the better chance they think they have for survival. Often times they will gulp their food without chewing and understanding why can help us better take care of them. 

Food gulpers, especially large breeds, run the risk of choking, regurgitating, or developing the condition known as bloat, which can be life threatening. If the speed at which your dog eats makes you nervous, or if she routinely chokes or vomits during or immediately after a meal because she inhaled her food, then your dog might benefit from a slow feeder bowl. They can protect your dog from thunderous flatulence and serious ailments. Plus, they can save you from constant worry! In addition to the physical benefits, slow feeder bowls can make meals even more fun for your dog as they stimulate your dog’s brain and taste buds simultaneously!