Acrylic Dog Crates and Clear Pet Gates

Dare we say it, but most dog barricades and puppy door gates are rather ... unattractive. We find ourselves pushing the ugly wire or plastic dog gates away when guests come, or hurt our backs moving large dog crates around. We'll do anything to keep our dogs healthy and happy and the room dividers for pets don't have to be an eyesore. You really can have a stylish dog crate that fits your decor. Investing in high-quality and well designed dog furniture is the first step to pet parenthood. You can keep your interior design looking clean and modern with a stylish dog crate, acrylic pet gate and plexiglass playpen. It is possible! We’ve gathered the best pieces of dog furniture for you.

Soothe your OCD desires to keep your house from looking like a doggy day care, and keep your dog happy at the same time with these elevated designs for pet furniture. 

How do I find stylish dog crates and playpens?

Keeping a dog crate on hand is always a good idea. You never know when you’ll need one, whether your dog is recovering from an injury or needs a place of his own to chill out. Especially if you live in an apartment. A cute crate for your dog is important too so it can blend in with your home decor. That's why we love our clear acrylic dog crate from Hiddin. This stylish dog crate can double as a chic side table in your living room as well. The transparent and collapsible design of this modern dog crate is just so gorgeous and functional.  

Clear Acrylic Dog Crate is Cute and Stylish from Pet Brand Hiddin.

Meet the gorgeous Hiddin Clear Acrylic Dog Crate to Gate, a 3 in 1 clear acrylic pet crate that is also a modern lucite side table and a freestanding pet gate!


small dog schnauzer

The Best Looking Clear Acrylic Playpen 

If you're looking for a small dog enclosure, we highly recommend the stylish plexiglass dog crates and lucite acrylic playpen from the Hiddin collection. The clear crate and clear lucite acrylic dog pen will blend into your decor beautifully. One of our best sellers,  Hiddin clear dog pens are essential for every small dog owner.  


Hiddin Acrylic Playpen For Dogs is Stylish Plexiglass
Lucite is the top tier of acrylic to choose from. It's the highest quality of plastic resin because it's significantly stronger and more resistant to breaks, cracks, and scratches. A lucite acrylic dog playpen for your small dog is stylish and provide the best enclosure for your small dog without having them feel enclosed!

Clear Acrylic Dog Gate For Doorway

Are you looking for a modern, attractive and easy to install dog gate for doorway? Then look no further. Hiddin's Clear Freestanding Pet Gate Panel is a clean, modern freestanding pet gate for openings 36" or less. Made in the USA, the acrylic dog gates are well made, durable and interior design friendly for the design conscious pet parents. Available in three different widths, you will surely find the right size for your home. 
Acrylic dog gate reviews from Hiddin customers:

"Excellent and attractive solution to keep my dogs off the stairs!"

"I have been looking for a dog gate for our stairs for the past 2 years. I wanted something that blended seamlessly with our house. So clever of a design! Sturdy. Well made. Modern and clean design. Shipped very fast. Highly recommend!"


Clear Acrylic Dog Gates For Doorways
Each clear view gate panel is handmade in the USA with the highest quality and attention to design details.
small dog puppy

Adjustable Free Standing Acrylic Dog Gate

Stylish, durable, modern and adjustable! These qualities make Hiddin's acrylic dog gates best in the market. Whether you have a small apartment or a large home area to cover, the adjustable dog gates have four sizes to choose from. The zigzag free standing clear dog gates require no assembly and easy to store if you need to move them out of sight. Hiddin modern design dog gate is the only totally clear pet gate barrier on the market and is handmade in the USA.
Read some of our customer reviews:

" Love it. This gate is perfect for my girls, my Frenchie’s and for my small living room. It makes it look elegant."

"Oh my goodness! This arrived so quickly and I was more than pleased. SO well made, smooth edges and super sturdy for my adult golden retrievers. Will order again! I love love love this! Thank you so much for the custom order and making that so simple too"

Clear acrylic dog gate modern home

Foldable and adjustable, these stylish free standing clear acrylics can be used for inside or outside. 
Large dog standing next to acrylic dog gate for outdoors

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