Hiddin Clear Acrylic Freestanding Dog Gate - Zig Zag


Hiddin Clear Acrylic Freestanding Pet Gate Zig Zag is your alternative to the unattractive wood or metal pet gates. This is the only totally clear pet gate/barrier on the market and is handmade in the USA. The folding Zig Zag clear gate is a freestanding, adjustable pet barrier, providing total visibility and style. Lightweight and easy to move, this sturdy, lucite pet gate can withstand a dog's nudge. Simply position the clear folding gate in your doorway, with the 2 end panels resting against the pet's side of the threshold. 

Estimated Delivery: 1-2 weeks (custom orders 3-4 weeks)

Custom sizes available, contact us

Clear 1/4" thick acrylic panels with clear hinges

To clean: Use damp cloth; do not use chemical cleaners. No assembly required

Dimensions when opened:
4-Panel: 60"w x 30"h x .25"d  (for openings 56" or less, weight 25lbs)
6-Panel: 90'w x 30"h x .25"d   (for openings 82" or less, weight 39 lbs)
8-Panel: 120"w x 30"h x .25"d  (for openings 110" or less, weight 53 lbs)
10-Panel: 150"w x 30"h x .25"d  (for openings 125" or less, weight 67 lbs)

(Each panel is 15"w x 30"h x .25"d)

NOT to be used as a child gate

Only 3 pieces in stock!

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