Hiddin Clear Lucite Round Cat & Dog Bed with Donut Cushion


Hiddin Clear Round Pet Bed with Donut Cushion is a perfectly round, perfectly modern pet bed with subtle beauty and pure transparency for your small dog and cat. The chic, fluffy donut cushion is calming, washable and soft. Treat your furry friend to a modern, comfortable, Lucite pet bed that adds to your interior design and blends with any decor. 

Estimated Delivery: 4 weeks

One bed with 1/4" thick acrylic body and 1/2" thick acrylic base
One removable round cushion in grey or brown

Dimensions: 21"w x 21"d x 10"h 

Made in the USA.

Suits small dogs and cats.

Estimated delivery in 4-6 weeks.

We're here and happy to answer any product questions you have. Send us a note!

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