Hiddin Wall Mounted Clear Pet Gate Zig Zag


The Hiddin Wall Mounted Clear Pet Gate Zig Zag is the new generation of our best selling lucite Zig Zag freestanding pet gateThis clear, wall mounted pet gate is your alternative to the unattractive wood or metal pet gates.   

Fully adjustable, you choose your pet gate zig zag size and your metal latch finish. Our clear acrylic pet barrier provides total visibility and strength. Lightweight and easy to open, this sturdy pet gate can secure pets of all sizes. To store away, the gate zig zag folds flat.

Our lucite gate kit includes: 1 zig zag gate, 2 clear wall brackets, 1 clear slide-on hinge and 1 metal latch. Our exclusive clear hinges slide on easily but cannot pull off the lucite zig zag panel, making our pet gate strong and secure. 

To use: 

-Screw 2 clear wall brackets into wall above any base molding
-Attach one end of your zig zag panel by sliding on 1 clear hinge to 1 wall bracket; repeat on opposite side.
-Attach your metal latch with clear adhesive, included

Made in the USA. 
Can be used inside or outside.
1/4" thick lucite panels and wall brackets.
Folds flat for easy storage. Installation required 

Estimated Delivery: 1-2 weeks (custom 3-4 weeks)

Custom sizes available, contact us

4-Panel Gate opened: 60"w x 30"h x .25"d
(closed: 15”w x 30”h x 1"d) for openings of 52" or less

6-Panel Gate opened: 90'w x 30"h x .25"d
(closed: 15"w x 30"h x 1.5"d) for openings of 78" or less

8-Panel Gate opened: 120"w x 30"h x .25"d
(closed: 15"w x 30"h x 2"d) for openings of 104" or less

10-Panel Gate opened: 150"w x 30"h x .25"d
(closed: 15"w x 30"h x 2.5"d) for openings of 130" or less

(each panel is 15"w x 30"h x .25"d)
(wall bracket is 3.75"w x 2"d x 24"h)

NOT to be used as a child gate

Only 3 pieces in stock!

We hope you love our carefully curated product assortments. Do you need help choosing the right size or have questions on customization? Send us a note!

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