MiaCara Dog Bathrobe


Soft dog bathrobe made of organic cotton terrycloth with particularly high absorbency. The Bagno dog bathrobe is perfect for drying your dog after a bath, a swim in the lake or a romp in the rain.

Soft and Absorbent Fabric
The cotton terry fabric draws moisture and dirt right down to your dog’s undercoat.

A Dog BathRobe Is A Must-Have

The generously cut Miacara Bagno bathrobe covers most of the dog’s body, so when your dog shakes, you can keep splashing on your walls and floor to a minimum.


To determine the correct size, measure your dog’s back length from the withers (shoulder blades) to the root of the tail while the dog is in a standing position. Be sure to measure carefully as the measurements may vary by a few centimetres depending on the dog’s posture. The dog’s weight does not play a role in the size selection.

Size 1  26-30 cm 10" - 12"
Size 2 30-33 cm 12" - 13"
Size 3 33-37 cm 13" - 14.5"
Size 4 37-41 cm 14.5" - 16"
Size 5 41-45 cm 16" - 18"
Size 6 45-50 cm 18" - 19"
Size 7 50-55 cm 19" - 21"
Size 8 55-60 cm 21" - 23"
Size 9 60-65 cm 23"-25"
Size 10 65-70 cm 25" - 27.5"

Note: The bathrobe may shrink a little during the first wash. The shrinkage rate is already taken into account in the size overview.

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