Miacara Slow Feeder & Placemat Set


Set includes 2 silicone slow feeders PESCE + one cat bowl placemat TOVA

This stylish Miacara design will make your cat’s feeding station a pleasing place in your home. We cat parents know that our cats are messy eaters. The Tova Pet Placemat protects your floors from water spills and messy wet food. The anti-spill edges keep water and food neatly contained. Made of food grade silicone (LFGB standard) 

Paired with Pesce interactive slow-feeder, this set will give your cat plenty of pleasure and stimulation. Licking has a relaxing effect on cats, which can reduce stress and promotes concentration. The Pesce slow cat feeder can also help prevent your cat from gorging on their food.

How to use: Spread Pesce slowfeeder with your cat’s favorite wet food and/ or add small treats.

100% Silicone / BPA Free / Dishwasher Safe / Food Safe

Pesce activity toy/slow feeder: 16 cm x 12cm, approx 6"x 5" 
Tova pet bowl placement:
50cm  x 35 cm, 19" x 13"

The minimalist design of this cat feeder comes from the Danish design team Hans Thyge & Co, and makes Pesce a beautiful accessory for your cat and your home. 

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